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I received my fist camera when I was 10 years old. It was christmas and my father had brought me an aluminum briefcase wrapped and under the tree. Inside contained a camera body, flash, filters, remote trigger, 7 lenses and everything you could think of wanting as a photographer. Later I found out he had bought it at a pawn shop.. So I had always wondered who sold all of their gear, everything they had, to the pawn shop. But ultimately it ended up in my hands as a 10 year old kid. It was a whole new world for me, this was before the internet, no google to look things up. You'd have to go to the library and look at Ansel Adams photography books and every photography book you could find to learn what you could. Not one thing I had was digital, all film only and everything 100% manual. No Photoshop or any other program. What you shot was what you shot... My summary is that until now, I have always shot what I want to shoot and never let trends or other people's opinions influence me in any way.......
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